James Cheney (slojae) wrote,
James Cheney

late post

fathers day...
I actually had one of those once... back in 2003 when i was engaged to a woman who had two kids.

I don't have any kids of my own, and my mother asked me last week if i was going to go to my sisters house for the whole fathers day bbq etc...

I told her i was thinking about it, but since i am the only one of my siblings that doesn't have any children and isn't married i wasn't sure

"well you do have a father"

yeah... but i don't care for him that much... i didn't say it but i went anyway

i have one niece and six nephews.. my older sister started it first... "i think we're all done having kids so you need to give mom some granddaughters"...yeah like it's my choice the sex of the child...my mom kinda settled that conversation quickly with "when he's ready and has the right woman"

brother "so hey I've got two now, it's your turn"
mom:"give it time"

Little sister: "so james when are you gonna have kids"

ME:"mom... this is what i was trying to avoid" and walked off...

Yeah.. i'm 35 and don't have a wife, child or even a girlfriend at the moment... i almost wanna tell them i'm gay even though i'm not so they'll leave me alone about being, well... ALONE...

I fell bad enough already and i don't need this shit to rub it in.
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